How many custom alerts can I set up?

Ela currently enables you to set eight custom color alerts, which are all accompanied by a soft vibration. However, we'd love to hear your thoughts on making Ela alerts more customizable, so please email us anytime at

How many memories can I store?

Your memories are shared in the cloud, for easy access between the gift-giver and recipient. You can create as many memories as you like with a current maximum cloud storage limit of 100mb. Just as with contact alerts, we welcome your thoughts on making memories more enjoyable. Email us anytime at

How long does the Ela battery last?

We encourage you to charge your Ela each night. Even so, if you limit alerts to only your most important contacts, the battery should last 2-3 days. 

Is Ela waterproof?

Unfortunately, Ela is not designed to be worn in the water. Please remember to remove your Ela before showering or swimming.  

What happens when I tap Ela?

When you tap on Ela during setup, it will request a Bluetooth pairing connection with your phone. After you're paired, when you tap on Ela it will show two different colors. The first color is the battery life indicator, with Green being full, Yellow being mid-range, and Orange being low. The second color is whether Ela is actively connected to your phone, with Blue indicating connected and Purple indicating disconnected.  

How far away from my phone will Ela stay connected?

Like most Bluetooth products, Ela has a limited range. Ela is expected to stay connected while you're in the same room as your phone, but not when you exceed 25 feet. 

Bluetooth connectivity issues

If you're experiencing issues with the jewelry not connecting try turning off and on bluetooth in settings.


Contact us at for more assistance.